About Mark IV

MarkIV logoMark IV Harvest is an organization with offices in Colorado, USA and Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia. From the beginning, its vision has been to establish a Christian school in Tbilisi with a rich curriculum including a strong emphasis on English language. The spiritual growth of teachers and students is as important as the academic side. The school is already showing excellent standards academically, and the lives of everyone involved are touched by the power of the Gospel.

Mark IV Harvest is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the United States.

The mission has been led from the start by Earl and Janet Treat, who have devoted themselves full-time to the work since 1992. They often spend nearly half of each year in Tbilisi, overseeing the functional and spiritual development of the school, and driving the planning and construction of the new facility. Earl serves as President of Mark IV Harvest.

One of Mark IV Harvest's activities is fundraising. Money is needed for building the remaining section of the new facility, as well as to cover regular and unexpected commitments. The board, in conjunction with associates and friends, are working to raise the necessary funds.

All the members of the board attend SouthGate Church in Fort Collins, Colorado.