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June 14th 2015

You may have seen the news about the flooding in Tbilisi, especially about animals escaping from the zoo. What the news didn't cover was the fact that the building of the School of Tomorrow was also hit by the same flood.

The intensity of the flood was increased enormously by the fact that a land slide dammed the Vere River for a while, causing water to accumulate. When the dam failed, an intense rush of water headed down the valley. The School of Tomorrow sits right next to the Vere River.

It's not possible yet to get close to the school building, but the administrator, Ryan Arner, has looked at it from as close as he can get, and he concludes that the building may be a total loss.

At this stage it's too soon to have figured out what the next steps will be, but please join us in prayer that God will use this disaster for His glory, and that the school will emerge stronger. please also consider donating, as we anticipate that funds will be needed in the process of getting the school back on its feet.

Thank you for supporting this ministry.

- The Mark IV Harvest board

The flooded school

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