I can't say no to Jesus.
Not when He's my Master and Lord.
His Spirit within makes it clear,
It would hurt Him, my King and adored.

To hurt Him with my disobedience,
Would cause the angels to cry.
Oh, I won't say no to Jesus,
For it's on Him I humbly rely.

Jesus, You give me such peace,
And the world can't take it away.
You obeyed the Father completely,
That I might know Him today.

My heart sings songs of pure worship.
The joy of heaven is mine.
I want all to know You and love You.
No treasures on earth are so fine.

Agreeing with Your Words, dear Jesus,
That by Your stripes I am healed.
I proclaim Your Truth to the nations,
I know that in heaven it's sealed.

A new year You've given to serve You.
I'll serve You and those that you send.
May two-thousand eleven, dear Jesus,
Be filled with great fruit for me and my friends.

The Seeds that we've planted are ready,
They'll bring forth a harvest this year.
Yes, the fields are white, get the sickle.
There's work to do, we'll not fear.

You spoke and gave me a promise,
I'd have strength and health for my days.
Just stay close beside me as I follow,
I’ll go forth in sweet joyful praise.