We arrived safely and on time. Thank you for your prayers. Much love to all.

The following are messages I received in the last few days. No time to write now. We'll be on line soon.

Following The Shepherd

Following the Shepherd, knowing His peace every day.
This is what He says to us while we listen, learn and obey,
"Why do you doubt Me and tremble when My love never grows dim?
How can you fear when you know Me as your Healer, Savior and Friend?"

"'I'll never leave you", this promise you’ve found.
So, lay it all down, take up your crown.
Follow Me now and know that I’m here.
Taking all your hurts, your questions and fears."

"Put your focus on Me and My Word all the time.
There will be rest in your body, your soul and your mind.
I’ll fight your battles if you have people pray.
You’ll do mighty exploits and anointed in all that you say."

"Be strengthened with might in the inner man.
Filled with the knowledge that I am the great I am.
Rooted and grounded in My deep love for you.
Go forth without fear and just do what I do."


April 13, 2011

A Conversation with God

me:  "Here we are in our "tryst room" one last time, Lord Jesus.  It's early but time with you is always well spent and I am 'right on time.'  Tell me please Lord, 'What is time?'"

God:  Time is what separates kingdom living from earthly living.

me:  Can we live in the kingdom-living-place while down here?

God:  It is your choice. You choose love instead of hate; peace instead of storms; faith instead of fear...you choose.

me: Why would anyone want to live in hate, storms and fear?

God: They are driven by time.

me:  How does this happen?

God:  Time is a tyrant and most people let it control their days instead of letting Me control their lives.  If you let Me, I will free you from the tyranny of time.

me:  I do want to be free, Lord.

God:  Make an acrostic of the word 'free'.

F - Focus.  Focus on Me and upon My Word.
R - Rest.  Trust in Me with all your heart...
E - Enter.  Move out and follow Me.
E - Emulate.  Emulate is not like the word 'copy'.  Copy means to' look like' while emulate means to 'BE like.'

me:  So the person who is free from the tyranny of time emulates You, Lord Jesus, while living in Your truth and light and resting in Your promises?

God:  Yes, one who wants to worship God on earth knows he can trust Me, so he rests in Me and follows Me.  Living in the bondage of time does not allow for real meditation with Me   Real kingdom living is being free of the tyranny of time.

me:  Thank you, Lord.  Help me never to forget this lesson.