Why Pray?

Importance of prayer:

  1. It can move mountains.
  2. The Lord hears when we call on Him and He answers.
  3. He asks us to pray and He promises many things when we obey His call to pray.
  4. He...

hears us
forgives our sin
heals our land
sets us free
brings healing to our bodies
saves us
makes our paths straight
and so very much more.

Remember when Jesus said to our Father God, “Make them one as we are one.”?  I am reminded of a great quote by Winston Churchill: “If we are together nothing is impossible. If we are divided all will fail.”

We know that many of you are praying for us and for Georgia. It is by grace and God’s mercy that we can be here and work with these beautiful people. Thank you to those of you who make such a difference.  We are humbled and forever grateful.

Reasons why we covet your prayers… NOW:

  1. The political climate here is quite volatile at this time:
    • The opposition has become more and more vocal and has had some clashes with the police that have resulted in two deaths.
    • There is becoming a sense of unrest where people are meeting in public places and disrupting the peace of the city.
  2. Our school has lost a number of older students. This is largely due to the number of private schools that are in the city now.  When we started the school we were the only private school here.  Now, we are told that there are over 200 private schools in Tbilisi.  Also, some of our parents can not afford to pay tuition and are sending their children to the public schools. This, coupled with the graduation of our large senior class has caused a significant decrease in next year’s enrollment.  Please pray with us that more students will find our school by the start of the fall semester.
  3. Daily, we experience very near accidents as the streets are too full of traffic and the drivers continue to drive extremely fast. We are not sure why the lanes are painted on the streets as drivers pay almost NO attention to staying in a lane. Many times, our van is squeezed with cars coming from both sides. Vehicles have often missed hitting us by just a couple inches.  I am not exaggerating.  Prayer for our continued safety is appreciated so much. My stress level often skyrockets. Really!

Rejoice and praise God with us:

Just yesterday, one of my first students stopped by the office to enroll her small child in the pre-school for next year. She told me that she wants her son to receive the foundation that she got from the school. Her words about all that she acquired from attending The School of Tomorrow were so encouraging.
Jan and former student

We are very proud of the caliber of students that are enrolled in the SOT. Our seniors are taking required government tests this week and the test scores are extremely high in every subject.  I don’t think any have gotten lower that a B and some have gotten 100% in some subjects. We are praying that this will be a good advertisement that will result in more students coming to our school.  It is wonderful to offer the students the Christian training that we do through our curriculum and Bible teaching. We often say, “We are not just a school, but a family.”

I wrote the following a few days ago:

Love Whispers

Love whispers come
often in the storms or right after.
Our noisy complaining drowns out the words
Even the melody
Is stolen.
How can we get them back?
A love feast with the Master.
He calls us to...
Come and dine at His Table. 
Love whispers are there
At His supra supreme.
He calls us.
Together we dine with Him.
In His love.      JT

("supra": Georgian word for a Georgian feast.)

Many are asking about how they can get my book “Following the Shepherd”. It appears that it won’t be published for some time. It is an exciting journey and I’m grateful for the encouragement Earl and many of you have given. You will be the first to know when it is finished.

Recently, I was exceedingly blessed by the way the Lord led me to find just the right image for the front cover. I was reminded of a former graduate of our school who is a very talented artist and strong believer. She is a successful architect here in Georgia and highly sought after. She generously and kindly consented to draw a wonderful image of Jesus as Shepherd that is just perfect for the book. I am deeply grateful.
Jan and Keti

A New Day

It’s a new day; a new day to love
Created for you by God above
He loves you, beloved, with love that is true.
Call Him…
He'll never fail to come to you.

He is here now and speaks to my heart,
"My child will you give Me your burdens and start
Start to rejoice in Me all the day long
I'll give you such peace…
and a beautiful new song."

“You'll not be ashamed if you just rest in Me.
With hope that soon you shall clearly see...
My face.  You'll know such peace when you do
Just let Me come to you like…
the early morning dew.”

To be a warrior for Jesus and never, never quit
There’s a crown up in heaven and a place I might sit,
If I overcome this attack on my body and my mind,
I'll get there and sit there…
singing His praise all the time.

I call you "Our Father" and Your Son is my friend
I don't need Facebook, e-mail, not even my kin,
For in heaven and down here, wherever I go
Jesus is with me…
and He loves me so.

There is in my heart a sweet melody
When I fell in the dirt and could not even see
I didn't stop singing through the weakness and pain,
The words just kept coming…
again and again.

To be a sweet aroma to Him who gave all
To know Him completely and answer His call
Humbly going and telling how deeply He loves
All peoples on earth; giving hope and peace…
like a dove.

He gave us the way to heaven, just one single way
Through faith in His Son…His shed blood He did pay.
His death on the cross gives mercy and grace
We must run hard and win in this…
our earthly race.

He is waiting and watching for all to come.
If we could but see His face, how fast we would run…
To Him.  For He loves us this much
New life He gives all who believe in His…
perfect saving touch.    JT