If you were looking for a safe place to live in this world today, where would you go? One thing we can know for sure is that if we are God's child He will provide all we need. If I start to worry I pray I will always remember whose I am  and put my trust in Him. For God is my rock and my fortress. Therefore for His name's sake He will lead us and guide us.

Those of us who live along "The Front Range" which is anywhere from South of Colorado Springs to Fort Collins, either in the foot hills or out east as far as Greeley, experienced this summer how quickly our lives can be turned up-side down. Because of the lack of rain this spring, several terrible fires were started and these deadly wild fires destroyed everything in their paths. Hundreds of people lost all of their material possessions. Everything they owned  burned up quickly and tragically. Their lives were changed forever.

We are meant to live in the present, not in worrying about tomorrow. There is a myth that is fed by pride that says that I can live without  God. "I am strong and can take care of myself". No- you can't! Your health and wealth can disappear instantly, as can life itself. If you feel  insufficient - Rejoice! For He said His power is made perfect in weakness.

You might remember how we lived when we first went to minister in Georgia. Electricity was off more than on. There was violence and shooting in the streets. There was much to fear and much to endure and yet... yet we had such peace in our hearts and each day was an adventure. I so remember times of experiencing our God's overwhelming peace in my heart though my body was in pain. Knowing the vastness of His love as we follow His plans for our lives. Ah, yes, we have learned to appreciate tough times, because they make us aware of God's great love and His provision for us.

He has a perfect plan for each of our lives and being in the center of that plan gives us an abiding peace that can only come from our Lord. My favorite place is being alone with Him. It is there that I lose all my fear of displeasing people. This can become my primary focus instead of keeping God center and foremost of my life. I know that if I bask in the blessing of knowing Him more fully and just being with Him no matter what is going on in my life, His life can flow through me to others. This is pure joy.
He tells us to not fear the future and yet He wants us to prepare for it. "You know how to discern the face of the sky, but you cannot discern the signs of the times." (Mat. 16:3b)  There are many verses in the Bible that speak of Jesus coming again to the earth and we are urged to "be ready" and to look for Jesus' soon coming.

So, at last, we come to the heart of this story: We bought a house!

Joy CottageWe had a small amount of money left after the sale of Shiloh House and the house we bought is in Kansas where real estate property is less than half the cost of equal-valued property out here on the Front Range. The house in Colby is being rented at the present time. We plan to keep the downstairs rented by three college students. Our realtor has graciously consented to manage our property at least when we are in Georgia. It appears that while we are in Georgia this fall, the family presently renting the upstairs will continue to rent until the first of November. We expect to move some of our things into the house at that time. However, most of the furniture that we have here with Dusty will stay. We will be spending a good deal of our time here. We hope to attend SouthGate Church, Ft. Collins, at least one Sunday a month. Our church means  much to us and we will continue to make it our home church. (We've been members for 27 years.)  Our office will stay here in Dusty's house in Loveland and our Mark IV Harvest' address continues to be 763 East Eighth Street, Loveland, CO 80537.

We own a large structure, a Quonset in Gem, which is only 10 miles East of Colby. As the guys love to go to NW Kansas to hunt for pheasants (at least one trip each fall) they transformed a portion of the space in it into a "Hunter's Cabin". It is really quite comfortable, but also quite rustic! (Earl told me to say that.)  Yes, I stayed in it two nights this summer. Don't laugh. You should have seen the fancy bathroom Earl set up for me. The first day down there, it was a 105 degrees in the shade and in the Quonset?... who knows? Earl was cleaning it after more than forty years of accumulation of vehicles, wood which came from a grain elevator he and his dad tore down years ago, etc., etc. He took time to set me up with my books out under some trees where I stayed reasonably cool.

Name of House in Colby: We have been looking for a house for some time and I had felt that the house we bought should be named "The Ark" - a place of refuge and also worship. The house we finally purchased is not "The Ark". It is yellow and white. A happy, peaceful place. I asked the Lord about this and I truly felt that He would have us call our Quonset in Gem "The Ark", and the house in Colby is "Joy Cottage." Actually, the Quonset looks somewhat like The Ark that Noah built, but turned upside down. :)


Our great Mark IV Harvest board have decided to host a benefit concert for our ministry to the Georgian children. The performers are SHEL and Ginny Owens. I'm thinking that they have set the date for it on September 22 [this is correct - Editor]. There will be more details explained as we get closer to that time.

All communication with our staff which  we have had since returning home from Georgia has been good. We may have 15 or so Egyptian students... refugees (tragically, believers are being horribly persecuted and/or killed) from Egypt are coming to Georgia for safety.

Treats are "on the move":

  • David, Heka and family moved recently to Thailand from China.
  • Dathan, Hilary and family moved in July to Colorado Springs where he is working as a firefighter.
  • Daniel, Reeta and family are planning to move to Kentucky soon. They will be part of the ministry "City on a Hill."
  • Doug, Amber and family are planning to attend a Family DTS in Montana in April 2013. (It has not been determined where their outreach will be.)
  • And last, but not least, Dusty moved upstairs at his work with Wasson-Ece Instrumentation Inc. after his promotion to Mechanical Engineer.  :)  Dusty is our stable one and he does enjoy his work.

In the midst of all the change that may be going on in your life you can have the assurance that our God will never leave you and there is nothing which can separate us from His love except our own lack of faith and/or desire. A favorite of mine and an awesome promise can be found in Isaiah 49:16: "I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands."

I close this blog with another verse found in Psalm 16:11 along with my prayers and deep appreciation for you and yours. Be blessed.

"You will show me the path of life. In Your presence is fullness of joy; At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore."

A follower to my Shepherd,
Jan Treat