Let all those rejoice who put their trust in You; Let them ever shout for joy, because You defend them; let those also who love Your name be joyful in You. For You, O LORD, will bless the righteous; with favor You will surround him as with a shield. (Psalm 5:11,12)

Today, I’m wondering what the word “blog” means. Do the letters stand for something?

Consider this:

B - Be real and write what is on your heart.
L - Live what you believe.
O - Only the Truth will last.
G - God is highly exalted in all the earth.

Questions- I might ask myself:

  1. Does my blog exalt Him or me?
  2. Is my blog true?
  3. Are those who read my blog blessed?

I Googled the word "blog" and found that it means: a web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer; also the contents of such a site.

blog verb
blog•ger noun
blog•ging noun

Origin of BLOG: short for "Weblog" (web log). It is interesting that the first time it was used was in 1999, so it is a relatively new word.

The Tryst

Two in the morning, He spoke to my heart:
“Come sit with Me.”  I got up with a start,
He said it was tryst time for me and for Him,
“What is that?” I asked Him - my closest dear Friend.

He said, “Look it up and soon I would see.
That He wanted a meeting with li'l ole me.
It’s a time and a place where two lovers meet.
Like Mary, He wants us to sit and listen at His feet.

So, I fixed up a room, a large closet for I knew
We would meet there each morning when He woke me at two.
Dwelling in the secret place is what He wants from us.
Abiding in His shadow without fear we learn to trust.

Leaning on His strong arms, we find we will not fall.
Listening for His voice, go quickly when He calls.
We’ll learn to soar like the eagle when we wait upon our Lord.
We will share His love with the whole world;
Our Beloved and adored.                     - JT

Orthodox priest
Lately, I have found it to be increasingly difficult to hear Him speak even when I set aside a special time to “sit at His feet.” I can think of several excuses or reasons for this, but none of them are legitimate.

  1. I could use the excuse that I don’t feel well, but I’m feeling some better and I know many are praying and my heart is full as I feel so grateful. Truly, the symptoms have lessened since we endured jet-lag from our latest trip over the “pond”. (We arrived here on the twelfth.)
  2. I could also blame the unstable political situation here in Georgia and how this affects the whole country, including our school. However, the election is over and things seem to have settled down here in Georgia.
  3. Or another issue to keep me from spending time with Jesus might be that my thoughts are on the many moves that our Treat family is experiencing recently, even Dusty’s job took him to North Dakota with his boss. He made two trips in his boss’s small airplane to the big oil fields and worked long days to build the machines needed.
  4. And, of course, there is the big move for Earl and me to our new home in Colby, KS, after we ‘move’ back to the USA.
  5. And there are always issues concerning our Christian school here. We are thrilled at the good start of a new school year with nearly 300 students enrolled. I only had time for a Bible study with the staff before school started. In the spring we held an extensive teacher training. We have new students from Korea, Egypt, and Iraq. Those from Egypt have come to escape the terrible persecution of Christians coming from the new government and led by- “The Muslim Brotherhood”.

Ginny OwensIf you got to attend our first-ever Mark IV Harvest Benefit Concert on the 22nd of September, you know that it was a real success. Of course we couldn’t be there in person, but a surprise Skype call gave us a chance to greet everyone. Ginny Owens (pictured left) and the SHEL girls did a fantastic job and with our talented Dan Bennett at the helm, all went smoothly, we’ve been told. A big THANKYOU is due all the wonderful sponsors who generously gave for advertising and to all who support our work here in Georgia! Dan Bennett, Steve Rochat and Doug Max (along with Mark Goll) worked tirelessly to help make the evening enjoyable for all! Earl and I are deeply grateful!

Students receive BiblesWe, along with our puppet monkey, George, presented our fourth grade students with the Gideon New Testaments. What joy to share with them truths about the Word; along with the gift of the Word! A happy time; better than a birthday party they told us.

After meditating on these thoughts and what the Word says about listening I am so grateful that He gives such abundant grace and mercy. Our God is a personal God and He deeply desires to have a close relationship with each of His children. The Psalms are full of this truth. We read in Psalm 40:6 (The Message translation): “Doing something for You, bringing something to You - that’s not what You are after. Being religious, acting pious - that’s not what You’re asking. You have opened my ears so I can listen.”


Joy unspeakable and full of glory;
Joy for strength and courage each day.
Joy for taking the path which lies before me.
Running the race and doing all He may say.

Open my ears and teach me to listen.
Open my eyes that I might clearly see.
All that is before me in brilliant splendor,
I will worship My Master on bended knee.

Be still and listen, you may hear angels singing.
“Glory to God on His throne above.”
He alone is worthy to receive honor and praises.
He completely fills my heart with His love.

Listen. He waits for us to spend time with Him.
He has secrets to share with those who are His.
Those who know how to “Be still” and hear Him,
Will find their lives filled with the joy that He gives.

                                                    - JT