I am not fond of change. However, life is filled with changes and as long as I'm alive on this earth there will be changes. The seasons come and go; faster than I want as I get older. Someone said that she is sad we don't get to practice getting older. Laughing We only get this one chance to age gracefully and I find that this is a lot harder than I thought it would be.

Truly, it seems like we just had Christmas and the calendar says that today is the first day of spring. I am amazed! One thing I am thankful for is that we have pictures to help us remember the seasons of our lives.

As you probably know, we make the long and often stressful trip to Georgia each spring and fall. As the last two voyages across the Atlantic and beyond left me with nearly a week of being "out of commission", so to speak, we have decided that Earl will go without me this spring. After we returned last fall, I endured about a week of severe pain and paralyses in my body. I was pretty much helpless and we both got pretty scared. We even talked about calling off all our Christmas plans. But God. Yes, but God! He had other plans and I adjusted my medicines which helped me to receive His healing touch. He is so faithful and true!

I love what Hannah Whitall Smith said: "The heights of Christian perfection can only be reached by faithfully each moment following the Guide who is to lead you there and He reveals your way one step at a time in the little things of your daily lives asking only on your part that you yield yourself up to His guidance."

Webster says that change means "to give a different position, course, or direction."

Along with our twelve grandchildren, our whole family is experiencing this kind of change. David and Heka have moved to Nagaland where they minister to the children in their Little Lights homes. The first of June, Doug and Amber are planning  to move to Northern California where Doug and Morgan will attend Bible college and Amber will continue to home school their boys. Daniel and Reeta have moved to Louisville, Kentucky where Daniel works for the "City on a Hill" ministry. In the fall of 2012, Dathan and Hilary moved to Colorado Springs where Dathan is a firefighter. Hilary is working as a hair stylist and they care for Hilary's grandmother. Dusty has not moved place of residence or job. He still has his same house but we are not there nearly as much and his job has undergone some changes that challenge him in a good way. Even our School of Tomorrow is changing in that many foreign students, 48 Egyptian students, have enrolled in our school. We estimate our enrollment must be about 350 students. Our wonderful staff seems to be adjusting to the quick growth. How we thank God for such great teachers!

A dear friend from Canada is traveling with Earl to Georgia this spring and this helped us make the difficult decision for me to not make the trip. The flat we have rented for the last four times we were in Tbilisi is no longer available so the members of our office staff are looking for a two bedroom flat for us. More change. Our old flat was close to our school. Many of our dear friends helped us purchase an air conditioner for the flat and it had automatic washing machine, as well. One thing is certain, God will provide and the guys will have a place they can call home while in Tbilisi. Our God always provides and takes care of His own.

It makes both of us sad for me to not be going to Georgia. We work best as a team and these two months will be hard. I'm working on an outline for Earl to take over for the Teacher Training as well as sending lots of letters for our beloved staff. Our teachers and students are precious to us as you can see by these pictures.

Composite of photos