This early morning I awoke at 2 am and felt God calling me to come into my "closet" and just sit with Him for awhile. I can't  say I heard Him but I surely did feel Him speak to me.  As I struggled to wake up I thought about how big is our God; how He is absolutely glorious!  And the really awesome thing is that He loves each one of us so much. He is patient, kind, and so amazing!  Our minds just can't get around the truth of it all.

Who is He?  This One who gave His life that we might live.  Just who is He?

He said about Himself:  "I am the Lord that is My name and My glory I will not give to another nor My praise to carved images. I am the Creator of  the heavens and the earth;"  He gives breath to each one.  Not only did He create us He said I call you in righteousness and I will hold your hand.  Think of it.  The Holy One who made the sun and all the stars in the heavens says to each of us  "I will hold your hand."

Jesus, my Lord, show me the way.  Peace and true joy are coming to me when I say, "Glory to You, my King and my guide.  I won't lose my way with You by my side.  The whole world seems to be in chaos and strife.  But with You there is hope and a wonderful life.  So many are blind and cannot even hear. Yet they are precious in His sight and have nothing to fear.

"Seeing many things, but you do not observe; opening the ears, but he does not hear."

Some Treat Family News:

Asena in ColbyFirst:  A daughter.  One of our dear graduates from our school in Tbilisi. Living in our basement apartment. Asena (photo on the right) is from Turkey but has lived in Georgia for the past 6 years attending the SOT Georgia.  She has come to Colby to attend Colby Junior College.  Asena is taking 20 hours and looking for a job as well.  She is a blessing!

Earl leaves for Georgia on the 8th.  So much of the future of our school rests on what he is able to do in two short months in Georgia.  You may already know of the influx of students from foreign countries enrolled in our school.  At  the end of last semester we had around 50 from Egypt, Syria, Turkey, S. Korea, etc.  We covet your prayers.

This summer the days have been happily filled with friends and family blessing us with their visits.  For a small Kansas town, Colby has some fun things to enjoy.  Our grandkids sure enjoyed the water park and picnics in the lovely park near downtown.  Earl has been busy on landscaping our yard working hard even right through the 100 degree temperatures.  I'll include some photos that we were able to get.  Worth a thousand words!

A South Korean family. The older two girls go to our school:

Korean family


Zoƫ Bennett modeling Jan's wedding dress:

Wedding dress