I have a brother and his name is Billy Gene.
Most people call him Bill, but not me for you see.
He'll always be Billy
...the best brother there could ever be.

There are words that describe him like honest and kind.
He's faithful and generous, a nicer guy you cannot find.
We lost our mother when he was only eleven.
I saw him hurting and it hurt me too, for I was only seven.

I've always looked up to my big brother, Billy.
He's smart and his character is flawless, never silly.
We were blessed to be raised on a farm in Kansas.
He is a Christian who is real and not pretentious.

Yes, I have looked up to Billy from the day I was born.
He sets a great example to us all and though others I might scorn.
He is my hero each day of my life.
And I thank God for a brother who lives in peace, without strife.

Photo of Bill