Hi, dear friends!

We are seeing God work in many ways! Truly, His loving-kindness begins afresh each day! (Lamentations 3:23)

"In this world ye shall have...BUT BE OF GOOD CHEER-I HAVE OVERCOME..."
Yesterday, August 2, 2007, looking back we can know with a peaceful certainty that we are always, forever in His hands!

The day started out quite normally! Earl and I praying together and he read a passage of Scripture. After a breakfast of French toast, juice and tea, he expressed that he felt so good and had no pain in his abdomen! He seldom complains, but he has been feeling pretty rough from time to time! We also thanked God for the fact that the workers were able to go back to work and that the fine to the city for "dumping dirt on some of our grass" was not any more than $625 and if the workers could keep going, we may still see the new wing finished on time for school! We praised God together and he left to walk down to the school.

We have kept the van at a guarded lot for 2 L each night, but recently realized that the walk down to the school was just about as close as this lot and would save us about $9 a week. We have guards on duty down there all the time. Parking the van in this lot, though, has been good in that there are several mechanics that have their businesses around the perimeter of this lot and now they know us and we have felt confident in having them work on the van when it has had some minor problems.

I tried to get my work done on the computer before it got too hot, but it was sweltering, already at 8 AM, yesterday! I did my morning house work and worked until about noon, when I had to get out of the heat in our living room and had gone back to read in our little "other room" which was out of the sun, when our secretary Nino came bringing a very ill Earl home! He was chalk white and I knew at once that it was the kidney stones, again! We have found that if he drinks Coke ?? it takes the excruciating pain and he gets relief in just about 30 minutes or so.  Our Director Nino called and asked if he should see a doctor. We felt that he needed to have an X-ray taken so in just a few minutes,our secretary Nino was back and had an appointment at a hospital to have a sonogram taken.

This hospital is a mixture of very old, dilapidated halls and rooms and new up-dated equipment and very modern facilities and rooms, with much re-modeling being done through-out! We only had to wait about 10 minutes and were led into a small office where a bright, congenial technician/doctor had him lay down on this wonderful sonogram equipment and in 5 minutes, he had found and measured the stones, two of them, that were causing the pain! He suggested we have them "crushed" right away, especially the larger one which I believe was 15 cc.. Anyway, it was about the size of a nickel.

He made a quick call to a urologist that he liked and said that we should go right over there. There were three younger people, assistants of some kind standing there and smiling brightly at us! Everyone seemed to know some English, although Nino translated everything, as well!

We were sent to the office next door where they had us pay 20 L.(around $12) and gave us a little receipt. Incredible! No huge papers to fill out! No waiting! A quick an accurate diagnosis! Competence! And so inexpensive! The doctor said that this was the only such machine in this huge hospital and there was very little waiting for anyone!

Nino took us to a brand spankin' up-to-date, air conditioned, and beautiful urologist's office which is about 2 miles from this hospital!  The urologist was a young man with the kindest manner and intelligent eyes! He looked over the paper that the other doctor had sent from the hospital, took Earl into another room off his office where he also had a marvelous sonogram machine that was connected to the equipment to crush the stones. He told us that he felt Earl should have the "crushing procedure" as soon as possible! He said he could start at once and that it would probably take two more sessions to get the large stone crushed fine enough to pass. This is to cost us 650 L or about $400. The session took about 2 hours as the electricity kept going off otherwise it would have only been about 40 minutes. I signed a paper saying that we agreed to pay and he wrote our address and phone number on the paper and the name of our school. He gave Earl prescriptions for some medications that we picked up on the way home. Two of them are for pain, which so far he has not needed although he is passing the gravel from the stones! He went to school today feeling quite fit!

This is just so refreshing as we remember the same procedure being done on Earl about 12 or so years ago in Denver. The weeks of waiting for appointments, reams of papers to fill out, and the worst was the bill for over $10,000 which I'm sure would be doubled, now!

We also had good news from the Building Contractor that is finishing up the exterior of the new wing! As you know, yesterday morning, the workers had told Earl that they would not be finished with the roof for 2 weeks and that no work could be started on the interior until it was completed! However the boss told him that in two days, work could start on the interior, so we still have hope that it will be completed on time!

Our Lord continually amazes us and let's us know that this is not our work, but His, and He is in control!

Time to get my clothes off the line and do some packing.  We are planning to go out to Nata and David Panchulidze's daucha(summer house)this evening until Thursday, the 8th,  Earl will be able to stop in to water the plants and will check email each day. He is planning to take 5 other folks out to a very interesting "dig" at Dmanisi which is near the Armenian boarder. We met the archaeologist several years ago and she has invited us to go on a very expensive tour that she has set up for Embassy folks. It is free for us, if we get there early! Unless it is much cooler tomorrow, though, I don't think I should go.

Love to you all, Earl and Jan