New wing under construction

Recently, someone called Earl a new name! They said that he was "Earl The Builder!"  I've been meditating about this and I believe that he is rightly called! Not only has he been about building walls and schools and houses, but as a teacher for the past 40 years, he has been - and still is - "the builder of children!"

The fact is that each of us who teach and work with children are "The Builders!" We are the builders of lives that will be the mighty, wise leaders of the future!

God is calling for the builders to come forth and build; for many of the children have become like broken down walls. There are those who are ravished by the world, having no purpose or foundation! They have neither hope nor peace! He is saying to each of us who are teachers of children, "Arise and build! for as I called Nehemaih to re-build the wall around Jesrusalem, so I am calling you to be "My Builders of Children."

It seemed such an impossible task, but Nehemiah courageously answered the call and he set his heart, soul, and mind to the task! He answered the Lord's call, "Let us rise up and build," and the Bible said they set their hands to this good work!  It also says, "...the people had a mind to work." (Nehemiah 4:6)

Look with me at how the people of God were granted success in what seemed an impossible task:

  1. They prayed and they listened to the Word of the Lord and were encouraged! "The God of heaven Himself will prosper us; therefore we His servants will arise and build..." (Nehemaih 2:20)
  2. They did not let their enemies cause them to become afraid or angry, but they were deligent and united in purpose!  "...for the people had a mind to work."; "...our God will fight for us!"  "...with one hand they worked at construction and with the other held a weapon."  (Neh. 4:6,20,17)
  3. These "builders for God" were humble and gave glory to God for what they had accomplished! He gave them the victory and, incredibly, they finished the wall in just fifty-two days!  "...for they perceived that this work was done by our God."

There are many great and glorious buildings; cathedrals of grandeur and glory that bring honor to man.  But there is not a building on earth that can compare to the building of a child into a great man or woman!  They come to us "lumps of coal" and it is our job to work with God that each one will become diamonds!

We may never see the end result of what our "lumps of coal" have become!  However, we can be confident that God sees and knows every child.  He will give us insight into how to mold that child into a diamond that uses his or her gifts and talents to better our world and bring Him glory that will last for eternity!

As we consider these things, it is good to remember that the great cathedrals of this world were built by those that no one remembers.  They made such huge sacrifices!  Sveti Tskhoveli is a magnificient cathedral in Mtskheta, Georgia! It has a carving of an arm of a man with a building tool of some kind in his hand.  This carving is at the top of one of the highest peaks in this grand edifice. It is said that the main builder did such a glorious work and when it was finished they sacrificed his right arm and had it amputated as a symbol of the tremendous sacrifice of this builder!


It is good to remember the legend of the man who carved a tiny bird up under the roof on a beam which no one would ever see.  When he was asked why he was doing this, He replied, "Because God sees!"

Building cathedrals, walls or children? Don't give up, keep on building; for God sees!