I wrote the following poem after going through some severe trials with my health.  For so long, many of our beautiful, giving, and faithful friends and family have been praying for me to be healed and set free from disease and weakness in my body!  I became depressed and was losing my peace, as it seemed that my faith was too weak!  I felt that there must be some sin that was keeping me from obtaining my healing!  Although, I have known His strength in my weakness, again and again, I became so despondent, I was forgetting to praise Him and my future seemed to be filled with only pain and death!

The Lord, in His faithful and merciful goodness, has shown me again that as “The one who abides in Me, while I abide in him, will and does produce much fruit if I just keep living in Him!”  (John 15:5)  He is the very source of my life and I rely on Him for everything - strength, provision, hope, joy, and peace.  I believe that as you and I continue to abide in Him, He will pour out His abundant favor on us all and our lives will be a fragrant fragrance for HIS GLORY and PRAISE!

We know that when we are connected to God, everything that we set our hands to will be fruitful and blessed!   Glory!  Just like a branch thrives when it is connected to the vine, we will thrive and be prosperous when we stay connected to our God!  May He bless you and yours always!

I’m Joyfully serving in love ~ JT


If I could tell you something that would change your life today!
And give you peace of mind no matter what you hear folks say!
Would you listen and take heart, my friend, for I would bless you, too?
And send a hug with wishes sweet to you and you and you!

“Have a good day,” we often hear
Sometimes in a cheerful voice;
Let’s answer with, “Thank you, I will,
For it’s my God-given choice.”

God gave us minds that we can use
To choose the best each day.
And we don’t have to let a soul
Take this precious gift away.

Your mind is that which helps you think
To analyze and choose….
His guidance and His wisdom, too,
Is there for you to use.

Whenever there’s an obstacle
That you need to rise above,
It helps to overcome it with
An attitude of love.

Anger never solves a thing
And stress will bring us down,
But love unlocks the doorway
Where all hope and faith are found.

Please don’t hide your light in the shadows,
Nor allow it to grow faint or dim.
Let it shine with all its glory-
And proclaim your love for Him.

So, whenever life seems unfair
And things don’t go your way,
Don’t choose to shout and carry on,
Instead begin to pray.

After you tell Him what’s on your heart
He’ll give you hope and rest.
We realize, tho’ life seems hard,
That our Father knows what’s best!

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit!”  (Romans 15:13)

I trust in Your faithfulness, Grant my heart joy in Your help, that I may sing of the Lord, “How good our God has been to me!”  (Psalm 13:6)