It is 4 AM and I have been up since 2.  We are still in Tbilisi, but we will be leaving for Colorado in exactly 24 hours from now!  I have been getting up at this time for some time and as I wait and listen, the Lord often comes and “We share together.”

This past week, we had our “Teacher Training” and the theme of the training was, “Are you ready?”  We began with Earl and I doing a role-play where he asked, “Jan, Honey, are you ready?” and I would answer “I need to change my shirt, the time, my attitude, etc”; and he would respond to my “Earli Babe, are you ready?”  “Give me some time to change someone’s shoes, the oil on the van, the flat tire, etc.”  Our 62 teachers enjoyed this little skit!  The two-day training was to prepare them for change that we might be an even better, more excellent school!

However, from what I found myself writing in my journal tonight I think God wants us to hear Him say, “Let all else go and be sure that you are ready for My soon coming!”

Sameba CathedralToday, we will be taking a van-full of some of our teachers to church. They truly want to be ready and are so open to our Lord and His love and truth!  This is not to our typical American-style Protestant church, but to the Georgian Orthodox Church, "Sameba" or Trinity.  This magnificent and splendid Georgian style cathedral will be filled to over-flowing with worshippers. They come and they go! As in every church in every denomination and country of the world, some are only doing a duty or hoping to appease a God that they do not know!  But, as in centuries past, those that are truly seeking God will find Him there and they will worship Him and pray to Him and they will find His forgiveness and be filled with great peace and joy!

There will be the ancient hymns sung with 10-part harmony that make the hair on your arms stand at attention! We will light candles standing side by side with the beautiful Georgian seekers thanking our Lord for His goodness to us and  praying for our needs and those of whom we love all over the world.

He came to bring us into fellowship with His Father and with His people everywhere; making us one as He and the Father are one!  Well, but that is another subject…

The following came from my early morning talks with my Lord.  I pray you will be blessed!


Hold onto nothing that is of the flesh.

Only things of the Spirit are my treasure.

Give up the “plastic pearls” that you might gain the real pearls that I have for you.

When you hold onto fear, faith can not grow, so let it go!


The Master is calling each one of us now,

“Are you ready, My child, I have need of you?

Don’t ask me to wait while you change!

Change should have come, yesterday!

Be ready when I call, oh, be ready!”


Change your clothes:

Your righteous acts for the robe of salvation through grace,

Change the oil:

Your pride and self-indulgence for the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

Change the time:

‘There is plenty of time’ for eyes to see the glimmer coming from the eastern sky.

Change of attitude:

Laziness, sleep, preoccupation with the flesh and with worldly pursuits to watchfulness.

The light of day begins with the tinniest glimmer in the eastern sky just before dawn.

Does everyone see it?  Sadly, only those whose eyes are on the sky;

Those that are waiting and watching will see it coming. 

Only those that are ready will see!

Listen, for the birds are now beginning to sing as a roll of thunder moves the earth.

And soon, very soon, the celebration will begin!

Is that the Father speaking, “It is time!   

Now, My Son, go get your bride, for I AM READY!”?

The Father is preparing the house for the Son’s bride.

Is she ready?  Are her lamps trimmed and full?

For the Son of Righteousness will arise and He will come;

With healing in His wings;

        For those who are ready!

All of the lies and illusions need to go!

We can let them go and make room for the real!

The new wine must have new wineskins;

For the old ones will crack and break;  

        The precious oil will be spilled out!

There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth!

Such sorrow and deep, deep despair.
We must be ready for soon He will say, “It’s time!’

I AM ready for all has been fulfilled!

         It is time!  Let the celebration begin!”

Let It Go

There’s sickness and strife, worry and care.

Let them go if you can, let them go if you dare.

Behold I come quickly with healing in My wings.

I’ll make your feet dance and your voice will again sing.

So listen, My beloved child, listen and wait.

For My gifts for you will not come too late.

Breathe in My forgiveness as the light of day comes.

Let go all that is not of Me, for new life has begun.

Each day I will give you the strength that you need.

You can rest in My promise and plant every seed.

If you hold onto fear your faith cannot grow.

My beloved one, listen, for you must LET IT GO!

Let it all go, My child, for I am in your midst.

Just come unto Me and no longer resist.

You can’t earn My love, it is free for the asking.

With love will come peace, joy, and life everlasting!