The brain surgery that I had on October 8th was extremely tough to endure, but the brain surgeons and staff at the University of Colorado Hospital were just wonderful!  So far there have not been very many signs of improvement in my symptoms, but everyone says to be patient and not get discouraged so I am trying. Your many prayers and concern are greatly appreciated!

David and family at DIADavid and Heka and boys left DIA last Tuesday to return to Nagaland after being here with us at Shiloh House-Colorado for nearly 4 months! They arrived home just last evening. Here is a quote from David’s letter:

“It was a long and grueling trip … 2 days of plane travel up to Delhi… three nights there in the noise, dirt and confusion of that city… then a 33 hour train ride (and that while we were all feeling sick… hope it’s not H1N1… we all have fevers, coughs, etc.).

I know that they would so appreciate all of our prayers for them!  Even if they felt well, the adjustment back to living there will be extremely difficult for each one of them!  We took this picture of them at the airport just minutes before saying our last “Good-bye!"

We sent them forth with joy!  This was the gorgeous sunrise taken from our porch the morning they left!  The biggest snow storm of the season hit Northern Colorado the next day!

“He arose and rebuked the wind and there was a great calm.”  Mark 4:39

Sunrise at ShilohThe following words taken from my journal encourage me and I pray they will you, also:

Receive and give out in My grace!  My grace alone is your constant!  Fret not to be healed.  Fear not to live in the abundance I have for you!  Fail not to listen.  Forget not My promises!  Feast on My Word for I would lead you, My child, in My deliverance and healing that come from living, breathing, and walking in My Word.  I give you hind’s feet in high places when you do not fret, fear, or fail.  So forget the past and feast this early morning “Tryst time” in Me.  I watch over you in love and I will illumine your path in My Holy Light! Praise is your most powerful weapon against the enemy.  “Shout triumphantly to the Lord, all the earth.  Serve the Lord with gladness; come before Him with joyful songs.  (Psalms 100:1,2)