A few more hours in 2009
I can spend in prayer for each moment is mine.
Home alone is no accident, but is a calling from You,
You’re my Lord and my Shepherd and what you desire I will do.

Your face I seek and your voice I would hear.
Though things look bleak I will not have fear.
For Your Word is true and upon Your Word I stand;
I pray peace and have mercy upon us and our land.

You want us to prosper and you heal those who hurt.
You bless us with good things but we must stay on the alert.
For Satan comes only to destroy, steal, and kill -
But you give us life so abundant and real.

I give up the rights of choices I make,
I yield to Your Spirit and go forth for Your sake.
I know that the multitudes still live in darkness and strife;
They so need to be introduced to our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Knowing You said in John chapter 3
That you came and you died for us all on the Tree,
And for all that believe and accept what You said
Will live in heaven forever with You for You rose from the dead.

I hold on to nothing in this life here on earth:
It passes away quickly for only the Spirit has worth.
Help me to remember and live for You alone.
I praise You and worship You Jesus Christ on the Throne.