Supra at the Treats' homeThe Master calls us to come to Him each day.
Come and dine at His table
There are things He wants to say.
I’ll give you a new heart; a heart of flesh My child.
I want you to be clean and ready for change;
Humble, meek, and, oh, so mild.

The day is coming soon when I’ll come to take you home.
Until then be My ambassador.
Take Me to the nations;
you’ll never go alone.
Others see and know the difference
Of a life that I have blessed.
So lift your voice to Me in praise;
Give Me your all and no less.

Listen, My beloved, do you hear the sound?
The sound of many waters; a low roar as they come tumbling down.
Go forth!  Launch out!  And never be afraid!
You are free, the price has all been paid.
Choose life each day and never death,
For I do not find pleasure in one who dies.
Just keep open to My Spirit,
And keep your eyes upon the skies.

My glory is like none other;
I am moving across the earth.
Only those who seek Me find Me.
So be vigilant; always on the alert.
You know that My love for you is deep and very strong.
You must know that I am a just God,
So obey all My commandments,
Choose the right; never the wrong.

Cry out to Me when in trouble.
I’m there to deliver from the enemy’s wicked hand.
He destroys all he touches,
While I come to bless the land.
I pour out water upon the dry places.
And make rivers in the desert.
You will see Me do a new thing;
If you do not faint and stay keenly alert.

The day will come, indeed is upon us now,
When everything will be shaken.
I would give you secure houses in quiet resting places.
Fear not, for your peace will not be taken.
I exalt You, Oh Lord, for You are my dwelling place.
You are my center, my joy, and my crown.
I will sing to You a new song,
For Your beauty and peace I have found.

Behold, God is my salvation.  I will trust and not be afraid.  For YAH, the Lord, is my strength and song.  He also has been my salvation.  Therefore with joy you shall draw water from the wells of salvation. (Isaiah 12:2,3)