His joy is our strength, we shall not be moved.
We can be satisfied with Jesus, His Word is our food.

He refreshes the weary, and satisfies the faint.
He sets us free from the captivity of hate.

Freedom from pride, anger, self, and despair
All kinds of sin and wrong thoughts bring a snare.

But better than life are God’s love and His peace.
It’s in His presence, we’ll find sweet release.

When we receive daily His bountiful, vast supply
There is food enough for us all that will completely satisfy.

Living Water to drink at the table we see.
The thirsty come seeking, for this water is free.

So, let’s lay aside anything that hinders and binds us.
And keeps us from knowing this joy that would find us.

God’s grace satisfies and will set us all free.
Jesus paid for our sin when He died on the Tree.

And His joy comes to all who have made Him their Lord.
Let’s worship and praise Him, He is Christ our adored!