Who would have known what was going to happen that cold winter morning in December?  We were trying to sell our house, but hadn’t had a showing in weeks.

The morning was humming along nicely.  Our daughter-in-law needed to run into town for supplies, and since their three children were sick and couldn’t go to school, they had come down to our part of the house to hang out for awhile with Grandma and Grandpa.

The oldest, Alex, who is eight, was on the couch feeling feverish and headachy.  Ben, who is seven, was helping me put up more Christmas decorations.  We had the tree up and decorated so most of the storage boxes were back up in the attic. I was soon to know how very fortunate that, at least, turned out to be!

GracieOur two-year old granddaughter, Gracie, was playing nicely with some toys. I was trying to get the medication that I take for Parkinson’s disease to kick in so I could make some cookies to take to the neighbors for Christmas. That’s when the phone rang.

It was our dear friend and realtor, Alene, who said, “You have a showing!  They are in LaPorte and will be at your place shortly!”

“Please say you didn’t say what I think you said!” I replied.

“No, really!  This realtor did not tell me about this!  It wasn’t scheduled, but she thought she had scheduled a showing of your house.  They were running late, or even I wouldn’t have known!  She called to tell me that they would be late.”

I began to shake worse than ever; my whole body was trembling violently. “Please, ask them to give us at least 20 minutes,” I nearly sobbed into the phone.

I placed the phone into the receiver and yelled, “We have a showing in just a few minutes!  Everybody, pick up your toys and put stuff away!  NOW!  There isn’t going to be enough time to do it all, but let’s do our best!”

Alex, from the couch, said, “I can’t stand up!  I feel dizzy if I do!”

Ben, heading up the stairs at a trot, said, “I’ll pick up Gracie’s room!”

Earl, moving faster than I’ve ever seen him move, said, “I’ve got the kitchen!”

Ten minutes later, the kitchen is not bad!  My desk is closed to hide my stacks of paper.  Earl’s desk is clean on top with his papers in a drawer.  My little sitting-prayer room has been transformed into a hobby room and Ben is coming down the stairs calling, “I have Grace’s room picked up, but she is taking a bath!”

“Oh, no, you’ve got to be kidding!  Why would she do that?”  I yelled.

”I think she heard you say, ‘Let’s clean everything up!’” he answered with a giggle.

“Well, can you get her out and into her clothes?” I was still yelling which certainly didn’t help anything!

That was when we heard the doorbell ring and through the frosted glass of the front door we could see the ladies on the porch waiting to see our house. At precisely the same moment we all looked up to see Ben coming down the stairs. Behind him was Gracie without a stitch of clothes on!  It just seemed that she was saying, “Well you did say it was ‘a showing,’ didn’t you, Grandma?”

We all froze for just a couple of seconds, then….YIKES!  “Don’t answer the door for a minute,” I whisper shouted to Earl.  “Ben, grab her clothes!  Quick!  Everyone, let’s get up into the attic!”

As we slipped into the upstairs studio room, I heard Earl open the door and let the prospective buyer and realtor in.  Shivering, I thanked the Lord for His help as we tiptoed up the steps to the attic.

Then I nearly panicked again as I realized that I was in great need of a drink and there was, of course, no water in the attic.  Ben said, “I’ll get you some!”  It wasn’t but a couple of minutes before he was back. “I could only find a sippy cup!” he exclaimed as he handed me the precious water. He also had brought up Gracie’s clothes, and they all matched perfectly!

How he did it as a young fellow of seven, I can’t say, but one thing I can say is, “Whether you are selling your house or not, there is never a dull moment when you have grandchildren!”