Jan and Earl on roofWe’re back in a cleaner, and even more beautiful, Tbilisi and working with the school daily. It is a joy to work with our truly wonderful staff of teachers and administrators again. We praise God for them and try to help them in any way that we can. It is such a joy to give the students foundational instruction that will help carry them far in their future education accomplishments, as well as their career and personal ambitions. Of course, good character traits, such as respect and diligence, are highly desired in our students. We often get good reports back from folks that say that our students are different. The cream of the crop, so to speak. It is our hope that each and every student leaves our school with strong values and beliefs that cause them to be revered leaders for the future.

Have you tried to list all the names of Jesus?  I love sharing with our classes how many names we can come up with for our Lord. He is high and lifted up by us all.

Today, I had to reprimand a class for running in the hall and I felt badly that I had been pretty upset with them. I remembered that I was writing a little rhyming verse earlier in the day, so I quickly typed it for the class to encourage them. Sometimes, if they just know someone cares for them, it makes all the difference.

This is the verse:

Jan with SOT girlsIN GOD WE ARE SPECIAL   

Where did we come from?
Where are we now?
Where are we going?
The answer is in God, so humbly we bow.

We must know who we are…
If we would do what He asks.
Our purpose and our significance
May come from out of our past.

Our destiny is in God.
He is all that He claimed.
We can trust Him, love Him and serve Him
His Word is true for over all He has reigned.    

Each day that we live He gives us.
Each moment of that day is in His Hands.
Every day He gives strength to the joyful
So, let’s sing and rejoice where we stand.

Time is a gift from the Master.
In His presence is joy evermore.
His compassions, they fail not, Oh children.
He’ll love you through and through… to the core.

Jan with SOT boysHe feels all our pain and our sorrow.
He cares for us all every day.
We are more valuable to Him than the sparrows.
He’s the trusted Potter and we are the clay.

So, we sing for we cannot be silent.
Our hearts celebrate when we say,.
“Oh, world don’t you know how He loves you..
He is the truth, the life and the way.”