Glimpses of heaven come when we look.
Open our eyes, Lord, to the real and the Good Book.
Life that’s abundant is life that gives sight...
So the eternal darkness becomes eternal light.
We are so busy with the life that we live.
We often fail to receive the treasures our Lord wants to give.
There are visions and angels we miss everyday.
Our lives are too full of the worthless, mundane things people say.
Our minds become dull, our hearing impaired.
When men’s voices of loss keep us hopelessly ensnared.
The Kingdom of God comes to those who can see.
All the riches that our Lord wants to give you and me.
He’d have us agree with who He’s said that we are.
More valuable than a sparrow and the brightest night star.
So look up now, My child, you’ve nothing to fear.
Just call on My Name and I will draw near.
I’ll shine light on your path; you’ll neither stumble nor fall.
I’m forever your refuge; bringing salvation to all.   

By Janet Treat
May 11, 2010