The Physician listens to our cries.
He knows… surpasses any man.
He is never shocked - good or bad.
Hope comes when He speaks and we know we can.

From the moment of birth the body starts dying,
Yet it seems to us here that life has just begun.
For new babies bring hope for the future
And our lives become rich when we learn how to run.

Disease is as it says…without ease.
Pain has its rewards…enhanced ability to love.
Empathy, humility, softening, and improved hearing
…His voice and fellow-beings, crying out like frightened doves

“Come. Take it away! No more,” we loudly say!
“I am with you through the flood and the fire.
So, go through,” He answers; and we can walk on
Our feet are His feet and it is His hope that we acquire.

This is not all for this will be washed away when the new has come.
Hope…abundant hope, comes when we begin to see.
Glimpses of a superior way… an eternal foretaste.
True living comes with the pain and the loving, for you and for me.

…But mostly with the loving.          JT