…is what I have in you.

A treasured friend you will always be.
A friend that is rare and helps me to see,
How much God loves both you and me.
And teaches me what it is to be free.
…is what I have in you.

You know me well and yet you stay,
Close beside me in the heat of the day.
Through the good times and even the bad,
Your hand in mine makes me feel glad.
…is what I have in you.

I will sing of your love in the darkest night.
When troubles come or in the morning light.
Your laughter takes me to a place that is higher.
And gives me such joy and a life-giving fire.
…is what I have in you.

Your friendship is more beautiful than the rarest jewel.
You refresh my spirit like a life-giving pool.
With your hand in mine, I can face my tomorrow,
I can go through every joy and the deepest sorrow.
…is what I have in you.

I am lifted up with the sound of your name.
For you give me hope, never ridicule nor blame.
I’ll always thank God for you, dearest friend of mine.
You’re the best and I know it, for you help me to shine.
…is what I have in you.

7/15/2010    JT