Singing a new song of praise to our God,
Loving Him more every day.
Nothing can destroy the faith that we have
In our Master and King as we humbly obey.

You, only You, are worthy of praise -
You created all things.
We join with all nature and the angels in heaven
Singing, "Holy is the Lamb who was slain!"

You spoke those words not long ago:
"The Master hath need of thee."
Again we went forth to follow Your call
Helping others to hear and to see.

The darkness flees when the Light comes in
As we all continue to sing.
The delight of those who receive your touch
Keeps us coming and loving as new hope we bring.

This "song of praise" is our testimony of our Lord's faithfulness to us. Once again, we have seen Him go before us over and over; doing miracles that no one could deny. "There's within my heart a melody..."

Students of SOT


* Thanking God for our time with teachers during the training which was two days before start of school.

* We were illustrating "GO with... Focus, Unity, Wisdom, Order, and Love" as in a race. It was such fun to have a teacher from the Georgian part of the SOT and one from the English side run together in a three-legged race against a team consisting of a gal from the administration and one from the extra-curricular part of our school who is the PE teacher.  It was very effective and everyone greatly enjoyed it!

* The road going down to our school became nearly impassable, especially after rain or snow. The winter months were wet here in Georgia and some of our parents' cars were damaged from the rough surface. The destruction of our road was caused by the city's large vehicles that were used in building the new four-lane highway that has been built here. (President Saakashvili is very proud of this 2-mile strip of highway built just above our school. It has brought some relief to the crowded streets of Tbilisi.)

We lost a number of our students because of the condition of our road. Earl and other administrators of the School of Tomorrow had many meetings with city officials throughout the summer.  Always, they were told that it was the city's responsibility; promising to rebuild the road. We were told that it would be finished by the time school started. Last week, we were told that all the heavy equipment had been taken to other cities. Our road might be re-built by the first of the year.

It was at this point we realized the city did not plan to fulfill their word so we began to look for ways to build the road ourselves.  We had a planned meeting with one Construction Company.  Mysteriously, another company came to this meeting and offered to build the road cheaper than the first company. This company did not have official documents. The result was that both companies worked together for the cheaper price and with papers and they built it in 4 days. It was finished for the first day of school which was Wednesday, the 15th.

* Each day, new students enroll in our school. Although we are not without problems, especially discipline issues, the new school year has begun with great excitement. Presently, we have 280 students enrolled with more coming. Each student is special and has a vast potential for greatness. Truly they are the hope for tomorrow. It is a huge privilege and responsibility to provide the best education possible for each one. Without your prayers and support it would not be possible to have this opportunity to actually change the future of a nation. We are deeply grateful to God and to the many that help us in this mission.

* Sometimes I take Charlie, my puppet, to visit classes. I took him to visit a First Grade Math class on the first day of school, after the teacher asked me to come. The next day one of her students said to her after recess, "I saw Charlie's mother, but she didn't have Charlie." Our students are such a delight!

Maia and Eari* Each day we meet former students who tell us of how the School of Tomorrow made a difference in their lives. A few days ago, we met with a lovely young lady who is now a government official.  She was in our first class of 1992. Her own words say it best. Maia Sidamonidze - Chairman of the Department of Tourism and Resorts of Georgia - writes about The School of Tomorrow:

"I have discovered that despite war in the country we were given a very positive atmosphere by the school. The SOT played a major role in developing my independent personality and my organizational and decision making skills. The SOT provided me with a high level of education and at the same time a positive and warm environment which will stay in my memory forever. I would strongly recommend the School of Tomorrow to others who would like to have the best start in their professional life and to become successful."

The School of Tomorrow - We are not just a school, but a family.

We are getting ready for a reunion with my (Jan's) first class of the spring of '92. These 37 students are now 26 or 27 yrs. of age and in many places of influence not only in Georgia but in the world. Maia can not attend, but must be in Japan at the time of the "supra".  We are expecting around 20 of my students, along with spouses, at this dinner on Saturday evening (09/25). We plan to re-dedicate the school to God and rejoice together in His goodness.

Prayer Requests:

* Walking by faith and not by sight. Please pray for strength and health as we attempt to use every moment left in the time we have before our departure on the 4th of October.

* For the right person to help fill-in-the-gap when we leave. A young American lady is teaching some Conversational English classes now, but cannot continue after a few weeks. Our lovely Director Nino will carry teaching these classes when we leave. She is highly capable, but of course has many other responsibilities to fulfill.

* Pray our wonderful staff will continue to require order in our halls from the students.

* A young man (a student in my first class and  Nino's son) is setting up a sports program for our student body. Please pray with us for the success of this effort as it is very exciting for the children, as well as the staff.

* For safe travel home.

May you, the reader be blessed abundantly now and always - Jan