"Make a joyful shout to the LORD, all you lands! For the Lord is good.  His mercy is everlasting. And His truth endures to all generations." (Psalm 100:1, 8)

We are back in Colorado and so thankful to our God and to you...we say "THANK YOU!" with all of our hearts. Your kindness in giving is so appreciated! We arrived back in Denver on time after 27 hours of travel from Tbilisi with no problems. We experienced just the slightest turbulence. Our flights went quite smoothly. On the planes and during lay-overs, we enjoyed meeting folks from around the world and watched as God blessed them as we visited. We are very grateful to those of you who were praying for us. We could sense your prayers and God gave us much favor and grace. And on Tuesday, even the medical team at Denver University Hospital in Denver were pleased with the results of my tests. Those of you who travel through many time zones know the exhaustion that can hit a person's body and mind. We are both experiencing it today and we covet your prayers for us that we will adjust quickly.

Because of jet lag the first night back in the States, I was not sleeping, so decided to spend time with our Lord. I have been intrigued by the "secret place" mentioned in Scriptures and often have wondered about it. As I prayed over some passages in the Word such as Psalm 91 and verse 1, I wrote the following words:

A Secret Place

Hidden away from the masses.
Tucked into a cleft in the Rock.
It’s a surreptitious spot few find.
Grace…and secrets there are unlocked.

It is spoken of much by the Master.
This enigma is veiled from view.
Only those who seek will find.
For it is only shown to a few.

This mysterious place is harmonious.
Those who dwell there find it so.
A life filled with heavenly perception.
Hearing only sounds above, not below.

A place where all the clamor,
Of a hostile world fades away.
And the sounds of this secret place.
Give poise to those who will stay.

This glorious spot is a riddle.
If you want to know more you must search.
Can be found in lonely places
Sometimes even at church.

A path, a journey with purpose,
A life not stagnant or still.
Always going forward with courage.
Are those who are fed at this well.

Folks flounder and grow anxious,
When lives could be filled with such peace?
For choosing to live in the secret place.
Brings great joy and sweet release.

The secret place is for all who will come.
For communion is there with the Three.
An exquisite light guides the pilgrim.
From this sacred site one can see.

This is not just a place, but a Way.
A higher way than one easily found.
Abiding in the Secret Place
Brings hope for love and grace there abound.