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Earl and JanOctober 31, 2011

There are times to go and a time to stay and wisdom knows the difference.

We arrived home last night after a very long trip from Vienna where Daniel, Reeta, Alex, Ben and Gracie left us at the lovely Airport Hotel. With them, we had traveled across the Czech Republic, Austria, and into Southern Germany in a rented nine-passenger van for three wonderful days!

It was a week ago that we had flown into Vienna from Tbilisi where we had spent nearly two blessed months with our staff and students of the School of Tomorrow. School began with 275 students enrolled.  We were grateful for the strong, orderly beginning to the new school year.

Montage of three school pictures

As I visited our 14 English classes and walked the halls of our school, I was again aware that we must have the most wonderful school in all of Georgia. I may be somewhat prejudiced but I think you would agree if you could visit our school this year. Our staff is doing a great job and students are really working hard on their goals each day.

Two pictures with grandkids

We were glad for the opportunity to spend time with Daniel’s family in their rented house in Vsetín, Czech. We met some of their new friends, attended the classes they are teaching, and walked the streets in this lovely old town where God has sent them to share His love with the Czech people.

Daniel's family and meadow

We are totally certain that many prayers and much support from our family and friends made this time of going-forth fruitful and even possible. The words 'thank you' don't do a very good job of expressing what is in our hearts - to God and to those beautiful folks who support and stand with us. Our appreciation knows no bounds!

He says, “Go and I will be with you.” And we know there is nothing to fear. He keeps His promises, though not always as we expect or that is easy for us. There were struggles and pain. Moments of wondering if we could keep on. But always when we continue to say “Yes, Lord” He comes with a miracle and makes a way just as He promises.

When the disciples came back from a missionary journey they were rejoicing because they said, “Even the devils are subject to us.”  And Jesus said, “Don’t rejoice in successful service", but rather He said “the secret to successful service is that you are rightly related to Me.”

I love the words to the old hymn’s chorus:  “Here am I Lord. Is it I Lord?  I have heard you calling in the night. I will go, Lord, if You lead me. I will hold Your people in my heart.”

So, it is with joy and anticipation that we look into the future and we say, “Take us on the upward path, Lord. Guide us on each step we take. Give us eyes to see the way, Lord. And make us worthy vessels for Thy sake.”

My book, “Following the Shepherd” is here! We have a number of books for our family and friends. We will make them available with a suggested donation of twelve dollars. After the expenses for publishing, all donations will go into our Mark IV Harvest ministry to Georgia and other ministries, such as our church's outreach to Uganda and our son, David and Heka’s Little Lights Homes in Nagaland, as well.

My book may also be purchased at WestBow Press, Amazon, Barns and Nobel, etc.

It is with joy and anticipation that we look into the future and we say,
“Take us on the upward path, Lord.
Guide us on each step we take.
Give us eyes to see Thy way, Lord.
And make us worthy vessels for Thy sake."


Sunrise photo

Have you ever read something so superbly written and apropos to the times we are living in that you feel you must share it? James Robison wrote an incredible article about our Lord Jesus as our “Shelter, Shadow and Shepherd”.  It brilliantly confirms what I desire my book “Following the Shepherd” to say to the reader. May I direct you, beloved friends and family, to the first few paragraphs of this article? It can be found here, on his web site “Life Today.”

And now for some news from Georgia:

This fall, The School of Tomorrow received an excellent recommendation from the Ministry of Education here in Tbilisi. After two days of extensive evaluation of our school, the review committee found nothing objectionable with our school. We had our first day on the 15th of September with students and staff excited and ready for a wonderful new school year. Your support in prayer and donations make a big difference. We continue to thank God for each of you.

The children’s park surrounding the school is getting a renovation that is making the whole valley pristine.  Our flat is only around ½ mile from the school so we sometimes walk.  I took these pictures while walking to school last week. Each day, there are great improvements and everyone is thrilled with the results!

The park

The road

Please pray with me concerning my recently published first book.  It is my hope that this little book will be a tool for change and blessing for many.
First day of school

Jan's book 'Following the Shepherd' has been published and is available for purchase.

To obtain your copy just click here.



The Lord says that His love for us is not contingent upon anything we attain or in what we might be doing for Him.  Indeed His love for each one of us just IS.  He tells us that He loves us because He is love and we were fashioned by Him in love.  Such a great price He paid that we might know Him and accept the Truth that repentance on our part brings mercy on His part.  He says to me in this hour… His deepest desire for each of us is that we learn to truly reign with Him and that we learn how to manifest His glory on the earth as it is in heaven.  The trials and suffering that you and I are facing are working together to cause us to learn how to truly worship and praise Him through it all.    Yes, it is through our praise of Him, even in our pain and trials that we still trust in Jesus.  We still trust in God.  May we go forth with courage into a future that appears to be quite dark and menacing to our minds but learning to trust in our glorious King and putting our hope in the true and faithful God. It is in Him that we live and move and have our being.

Proverbs 18:21 says that death and life are in the power of the tongue.  I say that death and life are in the power of the pen, as well.  I mean as I write in my journal the words often feed me and give me strength when I feel weak, hope when I am down, courage when I feel anxious, and faith when I have fear.  The words I wrote many years ago may lift me and feed my soul and my spirit.  I am surprised and humbled that when I share with others these same words help them in their own life journeys.

These are words that come to me in the darkest part of the night to bring me into a new place of trusting.  He wants us to take the "high road".  I asked Him what this is and how can we find it.  He said that the high road is the one where we are empowered by His might in a deeper way for without His strength on this path, we would die.  I am reminded of Psalm 18:12 … “It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect.  He makes my feet like the feet of a deer, and sets me in my high places."


Light Bearers we would be
Ever shining all for Thee.
Though all around is dark and filled with gloom.
We are His Lights to shine into each room.

He asks us to shine throughout the nations.
Magnifying His Name in every station.
Resting in His Hand and singing from our hearts
God takes us to where Kingdom living starts.

Lord Jesus, heaven in You to us is come.
Our victory is sure for all has completely been done.
You suffered and died that we might forever live.
With all that is in us our praises we give.

Transform us for always Your glory
Will tell the beautiful love story.
Of mercy and grace, forgiveness and light
A song of deliverance shines bright in the night.

Psalm 139:11 If I say, “Surely the darkness shall fall on me.”
Even the night shall be light about me; Indeed the darkness shall not hide
From You,
But the night shines as the day;
The darkness and the light are both
alike to You.

Summertime in Estes Park

Twin Sisters Mountain seen from Doug and Amber's house in Estes Park

A bit of Treat-Family news:

  • Earl and I are enjoying living with Dusty in his home in Loveland this summer.  He has been so gracious to share with us his upstairs space since the sale of Shiloh House in April and our spring mission trip to Georgia.
  • My book “Following the Shepherd” is now at the publishers and soon should be ready for distribution.  The writing of it has been a fun, yet a challenging voyage.  It could be compared to a birth of a child.  Can you go with me there?  Sisters who have had a baby may understand.  For like being pregnant with a child,  I was very involved in his life and yet I am only an observer as it is God’s “baby” and just as I did with our sons, I am praying that this little book will bring glory to God through out the whole world.  Going where I can’t go, taking hope and salvation to many.
  • We are planning another “Mark IV Harvest Show and Tell” in NW Kansas on the 20th.  We hope many of you that live in that area will be able to attend.
  • Our tickets are purchased for our fall trip to Georgia.  Plans are to leave on the fifth of September and return the last of October.  With school starting just days after we arrive, we’ll jump right into ministry with a two-day teacher training.
  • David, Heka and family are moving to China where they will continue to be His ambassadors of hope.   The two Little Lights Homes in Nagaland are filled with 30 lovely children and a capable loving staff to care for them.
  • Doug, Amber and family are busy with life in Estes Park and they have taken several wonderful trips this summer.
  • Daniel, Reeta, and family are preparing to move to the Czech Republic the last of this month.  They will be helping with the new church plant there and Daniel will be teaching English and making videos of the work that their church is doing. Reeta will be homeschooling the children and working alongside Daniel.   It will be a three-month mission trip as they follow the Shepherd’s leading in their lives.
  • Dathan and Hilary and family are very busy with their jobs and being lights for Him.  Toby soon to be 8 and Sam who is 5, and Annalise, 2, are growing and learning to love Jesus more everyday.
  • Dusty’s job as a production engineer with Wasson Company in Ft. Collins is fulfilling and a great fit.  He enjoys spending time with his dad, friends, and brothers hunting elk in the mountains and pheasant hunts in NW Kansas.

I am thankful for so many things, but high on my gratitude-list are the friends that stand with us in our mission to Georgia.  I’m quite sure that without their prayers and gifts we would not be able to continue our work there.  If you have ever prayed for us or given to Mark IV Harvest in any way, we want you to know that we are very grateful and we pray that God blesses you and yours, always.

Treat family

My heart for this coming trip is summed up in this little verse:

There is within my heart a song to sing.
Unto Him I raise my voice in praise and thanks for everything.
Although I don’t always understand
I choose to trust the One with the nail-scared hand.

Praying for others that they will be
Strengthened with might and given eyes to see.
To know His love being filled with His peace
For repentance and forgiveness brings true release.

During my tryst with our Lord this early Saturday morning as a refreshing shower softly falls over the city and country-side, I greet you, dearest family and friends. We are so blessed by you and thank God for your fellowship in our ministry to the tiny, yet lovely nation of Georgia. Your prayers and donations, along with your words of encouragement have helped to bring forth a fantastic harvest this spring. Only in eternity will we know the full extent of the increase.

A Bit of News:

  • Yesterday was the last day of the school year and the closing of a very busy week for the staff and us. We had two days of teacher training and a Bible study for our wonderful teaching staff.
    Jan bible study
  • The Georgian government is trying hard to improve the educational system here. With that have come many requirements for all schools, public and private alike. Government people were hired to test our High School seniors. All of our students scored high in all subjects. One lady who came for the two weeks of testing told us that she thought our school would be very “uppity” and asked not to be sent to a private school. After several days working with the students and our staff, she had totally changed her mind and was hoping that in the future she could send her own children to our school!
  • For many years, our school was the only private school in Georgia. Now, we hear that there are over 500 private schools here in Tbilisi. Earlier, our enrollment for next year was down, but recently there have been a number of new students coming to enroll in the SOT. We are grateful for each precious and chosen child or young person that will be attending the School of Tomorrow in the fall.
  • TamunaTamuna, one of our graduates of both the Georgian and English side of our program, came to school last week to share with High School students her experiences as a freshman in a big Ivy League university. She obtained a complete four-year scholarship to Yale and is a remarkable representative for the SOT and Yale, as well.
  • Our eldest son, David and wife, Heka, were well on their way to adopting two of Heka’s nieces (Nitolia and Lilia) when all was stopped by regulations for the adoption of children in India. As you can guess, we were all terribly disappointed at this. I asked David and Heka to tell the girls that they will always be “Treats” to us and to God. Also, that we will always care for them in our hearts.
  • In June, we celebrated our 46th anniversary with a short road trip to a beautiful ancient monastery last week. In the photo below we are getting ready to eat shwade (barbecued pork cooked over an open fire on a stick like a skewer) and other authentic and delicious Georgian dishes. It was a fun day, although somewhat stressful as people drive so fast and careless here. We often find ourselves thanking God for His protection on the roads and praying that He doesn’t quit watching out for us. (Daily, we experience “miracles of protection” from accidents. Some say the driving here is worse than it has ever been!) I often wonder at how He continually provides safety and security for so many people. Earl says that there are more angels in Georgia than anywhere in the world. It is often that we are inches from collisions with other very fast moving vehicles!
    Anniversary roadtrip
  • We will be traveling back to Colorado on Tuesday. This is the longest day on the calendar year, but even if it wasn’t, it would be the longest day of the year for us. We are trusting God for travel mercies as well as chances to talk with people who have open hearts.
  • After many years of writing letters, talking to authorities, and being given many false promises, the city of Tbilisi is at last making a good paved road down to our school. It will be completed this summer and will be a wonderful asset to our campus. (photo)
  • The manuscript to “Following the Shepherd” is at Westbow Press. A “design committee” is putting it together.  I trust that soon it will be published and I can let you know how you might obtain it. Would you like a sneak preview? The following may go on the cover:

After years of learning to listen to the still, small voice of God and writing down what He revealed to me through the Holy Spirit, I felt led to write, in book form, some of the lessons I’ve learned from my fellowship with the Lord. All of the stories and poems are written down to help others experience joy through a close relationship with Him. May we all, as fellow pilgrims on this life’s journey, gain sweet intimacy with the Shepherd as we follow Him.

“Following the Shepherd” was written for the purpose of shining light into the dark places of the readers’ hearts. The poems and stories I humbly share with you whisper treasures of truth which I have learned through my desire to closely follow the Shepherd and as He led me into His green pastures and beside the still waters of His presence. I share with you this little poem that you may join with me as we practice the art of listening each day.

Quiet your heart
...and listen.

Wait and then start
...to listen.

Find a peaceful place
...and listen.

No noise in this space
...just listen.

He waits there for you
...to listen.

Every word He speaks is true
...won't you listen?

Love whispers soft
...shush, now listen.

It comes without cost
...only we must listen.

He says to forgive all
...when you listen.

Anger creates stress - hear Him call
... draw near
And… Listen.                       June 4, 2011

Why Pray?

Importance of prayer:

  1. It can move mountains.
  2. The Lord hears when we call on Him and He answers.
  3. He asks us to pray and He promises many things when we obey His call to pray.
  4. He...

hears us
forgives our sin
heals our land
sets us free
brings healing to our bodies
saves us
makes our paths straight
and so very much more.

Remember when Jesus said to our Father God, “Make them one as we are one.”?  I am reminded of a great quote by Winston Churchill: “If we are together nothing is impossible. If we are divided all will fail.”

We know that many of you are praying for us and for Georgia. It is by grace and God’s mercy that we can be here and work with these beautiful people. Thank you to those of you who make such a difference.  We are humbled and forever grateful.

Reasons why we covet your prayers… NOW:

  1. The political climate here is quite volatile at this time:
    • The opposition has become more and more vocal and has had some clashes with the police that have resulted in two deaths.
    • There is becoming a sense of unrest where people are meeting in public places and disrupting the peace of the city.
  2. Our school has lost a number of older students. This is largely due to the number of private schools that are in the city now.  When we started the school we were the only private school here.  Now, we are told that there are over 200 private schools in Tbilisi.  Also, some of our parents can not afford to pay tuition and are sending their children to the public schools. This, coupled with the graduation of our large senior class has caused a significant decrease in next year’s enrollment.  Please pray with us that more students will find our school by the start of the fall semester.
  3. Daily, we experience very near accidents as the streets are too full of traffic and the drivers continue to drive extremely fast. We are not sure why the lanes are painted on the streets as drivers pay almost NO attention to staying in a lane. Many times, our van is squeezed with cars coming from both sides. Vehicles have often missed hitting us by just a couple inches.  I am not exaggerating.  Prayer for our continued safety is appreciated so much. My stress level often skyrockets. Really!

Rejoice and praise God with us:

Just yesterday, one of my first students stopped by the office to enroll her small child in the pre-school for next year. She told me that she wants her son to receive the foundation that she got from the school. Her words about all that she acquired from attending The School of Tomorrow were so encouraging.
Jan and former student

We are very proud of the caliber of students that are enrolled in the SOT. Our seniors are taking required government tests this week and the test scores are extremely high in every subject.  I don’t think any have gotten lower that a B and some have gotten 100% in some subjects. We are praying that this will be a good advertisement that will result in more students coming to our school.  It is wonderful to offer the students the Christian training that we do through our curriculum and Bible teaching. We often say, “We are not just a school, but a family.”

I wrote the following a few days ago:

Love Whispers

Love whispers come
often in the storms or right after.
Our noisy complaining drowns out the words
Even the melody
Is stolen.
How can we get them back?
A love feast with the Master.
He calls us to...
Come and dine at His Table. 
Love whispers are there
At His supra supreme.
He calls us.
Together we dine with Him.
In His love.      JT

("supra": Georgian word for a Georgian feast.)

Many are asking about how they can get my book “Following the Shepherd”. It appears that it won’t be published for some time. It is an exciting journey and I’m grateful for the encouragement Earl and many of you have given. You will be the first to know when it is finished.

Recently, I was exceedingly blessed by the way the Lord led me to find just the right image for the front cover. I was reminded of a former graduate of our school who is a very talented artist and strong believer. She is a successful architect here in Georgia and highly sought after. She generously and kindly consented to draw a wonderful image of Jesus as Shepherd that is just perfect for the book. I am deeply grateful.
Jan and Keti

A New Day

It’s a new day; a new day to love
Created for you by God above
He loves you, beloved, with love that is true.
Call Him…
He'll never fail to come to you.

He is here now and speaks to my heart,
"My child will you give Me your burdens and start
Start to rejoice in Me all the day long
I'll give you such peace…
and a beautiful new song."

“You'll not be ashamed if you just rest in Me.
With hope that soon you shall clearly see...
My face.  You'll know such peace when you do
Just let Me come to you like…
the early morning dew.”

To be a warrior for Jesus and never, never quit
There’s a crown up in heaven and a place I might sit,
If I overcome this attack on my body and my mind,
I'll get there and sit there…
singing His praise all the time.

I call you "Our Father" and Your Son is my friend
I don't need Facebook, e-mail, not even my kin,
For in heaven and down here, wherever I go
Jesus is with me…
and He loves me so.

There is in my heart a sweet melody
When I fell in the dirt and could not even see
I didn't stop singing through the weakness and pain,
The words just kept coming…
again and again.

To be a sweet aroma to Him who gave all
To know Him completely and answer His call
Humbly going and telling how deeply He loves
All peoples on earth; giving hope and peace…
like a dove.

He gave us the way to heaven, just one single way
Through faith in His Son…His shed blood He did pay.
His death on the cross gives mercy and grace
We must run hard and win in this…
our earthly race.

He is waiting and watching for all to come.
If we could but see His face, how fast we would run…
To Him.  For He loves us this much
New life He gives all who believe in His…
perfect saving touch.    JT