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Jan Treat regularly writes of her experiences and thoughts in her walk with the Lord. This blog page is where her articles are published, with the most recent at the top, older ones below.

(A chapter from my book.)

But what things were gain to me, these I have counted loss for Christ.  Yet indeed I also count all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus, my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them as rubbish, that I may gain Christ.”  (Philippians 3:7, 8)

When we left America on Christmas day, 1991, we knew that our precious friend, our pastor’s wife, was extremely ill with cancer!  However, when we had gone into the church office on Christmas Eve afternoon to say “Goodbye!” to her and our dear pastor, she had had such a radiant smile on her face!  As we drove away, we had fervently hoped that God was healing her!

The next time that I saw that smile, it was even more glowing and I didn’t see it with my natural eyes!  It was on an early Monday morning in March, 1991, that I had awakened from a vivid dream!  It had been so beautiful!  So real!  We were in Tbilisi, Georgia and the presence of the Lord in our bedroom was palpable!  Earl also awakened and seeing the tears on my cheeks, he questioned me.

“Lois is in heaven,” I had told him!  “I saw her face and it was glowing with the most dazzling smile I have ever seen!  She spoke to me and said, ‘It’s OK, Janie!  It’s OK!  It’s beautiful here!’”, I explained through my tears!

Two days later, we received the email from Pastor John telling us that she had passed away at somewhere around 5 PM on Sunday evening, which would have been our 6 AM Monday morning, in Georgia.

Lois had found out that she had cancer at nearly the same week that we had a strong “call” that we were to leave our home and all that we knew and “go forth to build Christian schools for our Lord.”

After getting the diagnosis that Lois had “inoperable cancer”, Pastor John called us to come to church early for the mid-week service, so that the elders and wives could anoint her with oil and pray.

She came into the church that night and I remember that she sat down a few pews ahead of me.  I asked the Lord what I should say to her.  He reminded me that I had some “promise cards” in my purse.  The first one that I pulled out said, “No matter what you may have to go through in this life, just remember that you have a friend that is praying for you.”   As I gave her the card, we embraced and I spoke into her ear these words, “It is just to know Christ.  Through the power of His resurrection and fellowship of His suffering…it is just to know Him!”  I shall never forget her words to me! “Yes, and Janie, and I am so excited!”

This is what I wrote in my journal on March 2, 1992, the day after Lois’ passing:

“Put upon me your beautiful spotless glorious Robe of Righteousness and give unto me a meek and quiet spirit.  I know that we will fail here if we do not let these old natures be crucified and let You, Jesus, dwell in us and do in us and through us what you want done in Tbilisi, Georgia.  It seems we made a terrible mistake!  But You don’t lie and You don’t make mistakes, so I will believe!  I will die!  And then, I will begin to really live for You!  I must!  You will live out and through me, Oh, Blessed Jesus.  I love You, Jesus!  Heal our bodies and strengthen them and make us wise and understanding.”

Later that same day-“My daughter-do you not feel the comfort of the old wool shawl around your shoulders?  (A precious lady that we had met in Moscow had placed the shawl around my neck one extremely cold day and given it as a gift of love.)   “This is a symbol of my loving, warm, care over you.  Relax and rest in it.  Do not fret or grow fearful or anxious in any way.  You are My vessel-fit for the Master’s use.  Many souls will come to know Me through you in this place.  Glory!!”

Then later I wrote-

Growing Old
It’s not the wrinkles or the lack
That causes me to regret time lost.
Instead it is the knowing
I’m not totally dead to self, no matter the cost.

Yes, my outer man is decaying.
But may my inward man be renewed.
To be humble and sweet like my friend Lois.
That it might be said, “Just to please my Lord; this she pursued!”

Oh, teach me how to wait on You, Jesus.
That from strength to strength I will go.
I shall fly like an eagle, if You go before me.
For out of my life Your waters will eternally flow.

The first loss to me came at the tender age of 7 with the death of our beautiful mother.  She had been diagnosed with leukemia when I was a baby and told that she had a year at the most to live.  But Mother was a fighter and she lived six more years.  My wonderful father, 11 year old brother, her parents and thousands of friends felt the loss when she left us for glory that day in March 1951.

Just like I had done everyday since she had gotten too weak to walk much,  I ran into her room after arriving home from our one-room school house to tell her about my day in second grade!  However,  I couldn’t get her awake and  became alarmed!  Our Godly, paternal grandmother was there and she gently took my brother, Billy, and me to the kitchen where she told us that Mother was not going to wake up here with us, but that she would awaken in Heaven and that she would be perfectly well!  I was amazed!

We had been praying for Mother’s healing for so long!  I was incredulous that she was really going to be healed!  Grandma said that she would have no more pain and be so happy with Jesus!  I was trembling with joy and anticipation; not for me, of course, but for our wonderful, dear mother!  At that time, there was no sense of loss, only deep peace and a comfort that only the Holy Spirit could give a little girl’s heart at a time like this!  I am extremely grateful for the grace that our Lord gave to us all!

We were all around her bed as the doctor told us that it would not be long!  Her mother and father on one side, my brother Billy and Daddy standing at the end of the bed, I was there beside her and the doctor was sitting on the bed taking her pulse.  Suddenly, she sat straight up in bed; her eyes looking past Daddy were straight and clear.  For several weeks, because of her weakness, Mother had not been able to sit up.  Also, her eyes had been dreadfully crossed.   At that moment, we all knew that she was looking where we could not see and she said clearly, “Yes?”  I knew!  I think we all knew!  She was answering to the call of her name!

“Oh, death, where is your sting?”

Commit your way to the Lord; trust in Him and He will do this:
He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn;
the justice of your cause like the noonday sun.
Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for Him….
Those who hope in the Lord will inherit the land.  (Psalm 37:5,7, 9)

At this beautiful time of year when we celebrate the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and we consider the love of the Father and His love for each one of us, may we express to each of you our gratitude for your support and care over us and our ministry to Georgia?!  Your prayers and gifts keep us encouraged to keep on answering the call to go and make disciples….words can not express our appreciation to you and to God!

Even though we were not able to go in person to work with our people in Georgia this fall, we have seen the hand of our God move mightily among them and The School of Tomorrow is flourishing!  There is no distance in prayer and our wonderful staff is committed to teaching and loving the children that “great will be their peace!”  Nearly every day, we receive letters from them and our students that keep us informed and grateful for His Spirit that is moving in their lives!  Thank you for standing with us as we put our hope in God for them…. praying often…. trusting Him to answer each prayer as He gives the substance through faith and this becomes reality in each life!

As more and more we see the breakdown of our great nation and the way the foundation of our faith is being shaken, we put our hope, not on the world’s shaky economy but upon the economy that shall not be taken away, for it is God’s economy that will stand in the coming year(s):
…sow bountifully and you shall reap bountifully.
…trust and obey and you shall live in peace.
…not as the world gives, but seek first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you.
…do not fear, but put your faith in Him who is the giver of all good things.

It was a busy summer and fall for all of us in the Treat family.  David, Heka and 3 boys were here for nearly four months.  We had many fun family get-togethers while they were with us!

Many of you ask us, “How are you doing?”  It is for my health that you ask and pray for so often!   It is hard to communicate to you the ups and downs that we experience each day!  Our gratitude for your prayers knows no bounds!!!  The battle for life is real for all of us and we certainly need to stand together to see the victory!  Some days, I (Jan) feel quite well and am able to work alongside Earl with strength.  Still, we hope that I did indeed receive the artificial gene and not the placebo in early October.  But if, in fact, I did not, we are planning to receive it in the spring, for the trial study that I have been a part of since July is proving to be very effective in fighting this disease.   Again, we thank you for your loving concern and many prayers!  We do hope to be able to travel to Georgia before the school year is over.

It is our prayer that the coming year will bring you and yours an abundance of blessings and that Jesus Christ will be your protector and best friend!

Merry Christmas from the Treat Family!
In His grace,
Earl and Janet Treat
Mark IV Harvest
grid of photos

A few more hours in 2009
I can spend in prayer for each moment is mine.
Home alone is no accident, but is a calling from You,
You’re my Lord and my Shepherd and what you desire I will do.

Your face I seek and your voice I would hear.
Though things look bleak I will not have fear.
For Your Word is true and upon Your Word I stand;
I pray peace and have mercy upon us and our land.

You want us to prosper and you heal those who hurt.
You bless us with good things but we must stay on the alert.
For Satan comes only to destroy, steal, and kill -
But you give us life so abundant and real.

I give up the rights of choices I make,
I yield to Your Spirit and go forth for Your sake.
I know that the multitudes still live in darkness and strife;
They so need to be introduced to our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Knowing You said in John chapter 3
That you came and you died for us all on the Tree,
And for all that believe and accept what You said
Will live in heaven forever with You for You rose from the dead.

I hold on to nothing in this life here on earth:
It passes away quickly for only the Spirit has worth.
Help me to remember and live for You alone.
I praise You and worship You Jesus Christ on the Throne.

Supra at the Treats' homeThe Master calls us to come to Him each day.
Come and dine at His table
There are things He wants to say.
I’ll give you a new heart; a heart of flesh My child.
I want you to be clean and ready for change;
Humble, meek, and, oh, so mild.

The day is coming soon when I’ll come to take you home.
Until then be My ambassador.
Take Me to the nations;
you’ll never go alone.
Others see and know the difference
Of a life that I have blessed.
So lift your voice to Me in praise;
Give Me your all and no less.

Listen, My beloved, do you hear the sound?
The sound of many waters; a low roar as they come tumbling down.
Go forth!  Launch out!  And never be afraid!
You are free, the price has all been paid.
Choose life each day and never death,
For I do not find pleasure in one who dies.
Just keep open to My Spirit,
And keep your eyes upon the skies.

My glory is like none other;
I am moving across the earth.
Only those who seek Me find Me.
So be vigilant; always on the alert.
You know that My love for you is deep and very strong.
You must know that I am a just God,
So obey all My commandments,
Choose the right; never the wrong.

Cry out to Me when in trouble.
I’m there to deliver from the enemy’s wicked hand.
He destroys all he touches,
While I come to bless the land.
I pour out water upon the dry places.
And make rivers in the desert.
You will see Me do a new thing;
If you do not faint and stay keenly alert.

The day will come, indeed is upon us now,
When everything will be shaken.
I would give you secure houses in quiet resting places.
Fear not, for your peace will not be taken.
I exalt You, Oh Lord, for You are my dwelling place.
You are my center, my joy, and my crown.
I will sing to You a new song,
For Your beauty and peace I have found.

Behold, God is my salvation.  I will trust and not be afraid.  For YAH, the Lord, is my strength and song.  He also has been my salvation.  Therefore with joy you shall draw water from the wells of salvation. (Isaiah 12:2,3)

His joy is our strength, we shall not be moved.
We can be satisfied with Jesus, His Word is our food.

He refreshes the weary, and satisfies the faint.
He sets us free from the captivity of hate.

Freedom from pride, anger, self, and despair
All kinds of sin and wrong thoughts bring a snare.

But better than life are God’s love and His peace.
It’s in His presence, we’ll find sweet release.

When we receive daily His bountiful, vast supply
There is food enough for us all that will completely satisfy.

Living Water to drink at the table we see.
The thirsty come seeking, for this water is free.

So, let’s lay aside anything that hinders and binds us.
And keeps us from knowing this joy that would find us.

God’s grace satisfies and will set us all free.
Jesus paid for our sin when He died on the Tree.

And His joy comes to all who have made Him their Lord.
Let’s worship and praise Him, He is Christ our adored!


Recently, I wrote a letter of gratitude to our wonderful friends that support us in our ministry here in Georgia. In that letter I wrote how our teacher training sessions this fall are on the topic “GO!”  Go with focus, unity, wisdom, order, and love as we teachers enter into the race to have a more excellent school for the children of Georgia this coming school year. I believe with all my heart that every teacher and every student in The School of Tomorrow are chosen by God to be a part of the SOT family. The fall semester will begin September 13th. We are introducing some new exciting programs that I am confident will generate excitement among staff and students alike.

staff and students

Yet, if I am totally honest, I must admit to having some fear concerning my health. Will there be the strength needed for each day? I am convinced that I must not waver but I should determine to “go forth with courage.”  There are so many times in the Word where we are told to “not be afraid,” or “fear not”. I am reminded of David’s words from Psalm 109, “Help me, O Lord my God! Oh, save me according to Your mercy that they may know that this is Your hand, that You Lord have done it.”  I believe He says to us today as He did to Caleb and Joshua, “Be strong and of good courage.”

I think about the video on YouTube that tells the story of an unlikely friendship between an elephant and a dog. At one point in the video, it shows the elephant raising her huge foot and gently rubbing the injured dog’s tummy. What remarkable trust this little dog portrays toward her enormous friend. Why? I think it is because she has spent so much time with her friend and found her completely reliable and trustworthy. So should it be for us as God’s children whom He called “His friends”. The better we know our Lord, the more time we spend in His presence, the more courage we will “go with”. Fear will not hinder us as “we run with endurance the race that is set before us,” always with a deep desire to please the Father.

I wrote the following to introduce our teacher training to our staff this fall:


…We are not just a school, but a family!

students and teachers

There is a call that’s very clear.
You’ll not hear it with your natural ear.
But in your heart you’ll hear and know.
That we all must listen and then… “GO!”
Are we ready?  Are we set?
The prize before us we shall get.
If we keep our focus and run with grace,
We will surely win this race.
Trying to win alone is too tough.
Without His love, it will never be enough.
We must stay united and help one another,
Always remembering that we are sisters and brothers.

We ‘GO’ with joy each day that we teach.
And the students are glad if their goals they can reach.
The seeds that we plant in each student will grow.
Wisdom and truth are some of the seeds that we sow.
We ‘GO’ with order in our classrooms and halls,
Always thinking of others while peace and calm falls.
Our goal is to have a supportive, respectful environment.
To have a great school this must be a requirement.
Our students are different for they know how to live.
For joy and love shine out of their lives as they give.
Gaining confidence daily to all it would seem,
That the leaders of tomorrow follow hard after their dreams.
Together, we run with a desire to win,
Building character in our young women and men.
Helping develop life-learners who are wise and secure,
Our aim for their best will always endure.

JT, August 2010

And David said to his son, Solomon, “Be strong and of good courage, and do it, do not fear nor be dismayed, for the Lord God - my God - will be with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you, until you have finished all the work for the service of the house of the Lord.” (I Chronicles 28:20)

Wait patiently for the LORD. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the LORD. (Psalm 27:14)