School of Tomorrow

Name in GeorgianThe School Of Tomorrow ("Momavlis Skola") is located in Tbilisi, the capital of the Republic of Georgia. Students cover both English and Georgian curricula, which is a healthy challenge for them: on graduation they are among the best-educated young people in Georgia. Furthermore, a Bible-based outlook produces young men and women with high moral standards and strong integrity.

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June 14th 2015

You may have seen the news about the flooding in Tbilisi, especially about animals escaping from the zoo. What the news didn't cover was the fact that the building of the School of Tomorrow was also hit by the same flood.

The intensity of the flood was increased enormously by the fact that a land slide dammed the Vere River for a while, causing water to accumulate. When the dam failed, an intense rush of water headed down the valley. The School of Tomorrow sits right next to the Vere River.

It's not possible yet to get close to the school building, but the administrator, Ryan Arner, has looked at it from as close as he can get, and he concludes that the building may be a total loss.

At this stage it's too soon to have figured out what the next steps will be, but please join us in prayer that God will use this disaster for His glory, and that the school will emerge stronger. please also consider donating, as we anticipate that funds will be needed in the process of getting the school back on its feet.

Thank you for supporting this ministry.

- The Mark IV Harvest board


History of the school

Elementary students at workThe School of Tomorrow is an answer to a plea from the Georgian government and Tbilisi State University for an American organization to bring in Bible-based / English curriculum and to train Georgian teachers. The opportunity to provide a strong academic and character-building program for the intelligent and extremely gifted Georgian children made it imperative to start the school in March of 1992. We are convinced that Georgia is a unique strategic spiritual and geographical location. The excellence of the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum has proved to offer superior training for leadership in our students.

The first class of 7 and 8 year old Georgian children was established in the Spring of 1992. From this beginning class of 37 children, six schools were soon in operation with many children enrolled.

In the fall of 1994, the direction of the schools changed; the six schools were consolidated into 3 major schools under the title of "The Georgian School of Tomorrow" and the schools became a private rather than a government institution.

The school today

Students entering the schoolCurrently, 325 students attend ranging from grades 1 through 12 in a purpose-built facility. Of the current graduates, nearly all have attended University. Some have been chosen for elite schools in New Zealand, Austria, and the United States. Others are eligible to apply to exchange student programs because of their excellent English skills.

Plans exist to expand the school’s programs to provide music, athletics, and computer classes. The building itself will also be available for use in community outreach programs, satellite classes and evening classes for adults.

The school is run by a talented body of local teachers and administrators; the board of Mark IV Harvest provides oversight and defines policies.

ACE - Accelerated Christian Education

The school uses materials (PACEs) from Accelerated Christian Education for its English language curriculum. While not directly overseen by ACE, the faculty has received training from ACE's regional representatives in Moscow.