New Building Project

A key part of the relief that the School of Tomorrow received after the flood of 2015 was the donation of a plot of land near Lisi Lake, which sits above the city of Tbilisi in an area which is zoned for development with a focus on academic institutions.

Over the last couple of years, architectural plans for a new facility have been drawn up. The following video shows the architect's vision for the school:

Here is an image showing the lakeside elevation of the building:

Architect's rendering of the new facility

The new facility is designed with expansion in mind, with capacity for many more students than are currently enrolled in the school, as well as a cafeteria, full-sized gymnasium, swimming pool and other facilities to offer premium education.


As you might imagine, a project like this requires substantial funding. On the positive side, the school owns the land. Additionally, there are some financial institutions lined up to provide loans. However, there is a need for starting capital for the project.

Consider being a part of this project by donating.