History of the school

The School of Tomorrow is an answer to a plea from the Georgian government and Tbilisi State University for an American organization to bring in Bible-based / English curriculum and to train Georgian teachers. The opportunity to provide a strong academic and character-building program for the intelligent and extremely gifted Georgian children made it imperative to start the school in March of 1992. We are convinced that Georgia is a unique strategic spiritual and geographical location. The excellence of the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum has proved to offer superior training for leadership in our students.

The first class of 7 and 8 year old Georgian children was established in the Spring of 1992. From this beginning class of 37 children, six schools were soon in operation with many children enrolled.

In the fall of 1994, the direction of the schools changed; the six schools were consolidated into 3 major schools under the title of "The Georgian School of Tomorrow" and the schools became a private rather than a government institution.

Mziuri Park

Until 2005, the whole of the School of Tomorrow was located in a crowded and sub-standard building in the Vake district of Tbilisi. A new facility, located in Mziuri Park, was built in stages on a piece of land in Mziuri Park, which lies alongside Chavchavadze Street, where the university is located. There was already one building on the land - an octagonal hippodrome, which had fallen into disrepair. Plans for a new school facility were drawn up, incorporating the hippodrome into the facility.

Under Earl Treat's direction, the new facility was designed to allow construction in phases, with parts of the school becoming functional before the entire facility is complete. The foundations for the whole facility have been constructed. At this time, a single-story building, the second wing of which was completed in 2007, accommodates the entire student body of the School of Tomorrow. Here is a picture of it:

A view of the Mziuri Park building before the flood

The Flood of 2015

In June of 2015, a severe rain storm cause a flood on the Vere River, which was intensified by a landslide which temporarily block the river before giving way. The school building, which was inundated in muddy water to the top of the roof. Thankfully, this occurred at night, so the only two people on the site - security guards - were able to escape to safety, and no students were present at the time.

This video shows photos of the Mziuri facility before and after the flood:

After the Flood

At first, it was unclear whether the School of Tomorrow would continue to operate. Almost all the books and materials had been destroyed, along with furniture and other assets. However, the enthusiasm and determination of the students and the faculty meant that the will to continue was strong. Accordingly, a new location was identified, in the form of two floors in an office building, under a rental contract. The School of Tomorrow has been operating in this location since 2016.